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Great service from start to finish.

Barbara S.

"My boys loved the Thermal Wand, the pony was almost in a trance when I used it for the first time. Easy to use and effective. Another great product from Epiony."

-Wilson S.

Thank you Sophie for helping us find the right fit for our horses boots needs. Amazing service and would definitely recommend.

-Tina W.

Love my Equilibrium pad, can already see a huge difference in my horses. Speedy postage. Thanks

-Carly F.

Great boot awesome service

Nicole R.

Great service and super quick delivery. Highly recommend 👌

Guilia A.

I am very happy about the care that received and the effort that the team has put into helping me get the best fit possible and taking the time in helping me with any questions I had and the guidance to help me understand the product betterOverall very grateful

Danielle L.

Fortunate to have a professional fitter locally available to measure & fit scoot boots for my large hoofed boy…perfect fit, we both love them!
Definitely recommend contacting Soph if wanting more info about them.

- Amanda K.

Need help with sizing your horse for Scoot Boots?

Simply give us a call today 0429 706 049 it’s all part of our service!