Discover the Top 7 Benefits of Buzz Butter

Are you tired of dealing with cracked, callused, and dry lips before & after every ride? Does your horse struggle with a sensitive mouth and lips?

At Collective Equine Therapies we believe that your horse has to have good skin/lip health to accept a bit, to avoid irritation and to ultimately be happy in their work. Our go to bit butter is the one and only Buzz Butter by Buzz Balms! It's not your average bit butter. It's specially formulated to improve bit acceptance and to prevent rubbing. Its unique blend of ingredients creates a pleasant aroma that both horses and humans love - yes that's right, its also suitable for riders to use!

What Makes Buzz Butter Special?

There are several reasons why Buzz Butter is the go-to choice for riders:

100% natural Australia ingredients sourced in Australia and hand crafted in Brisbane -  South East Queensland. 

Moisturizes: The nourishing blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and olive oil deeply moisturizes your horses lips, leaving them soft and supple and less likely to rub or become irritated.

Budget Friendly: Comparing the market of bit butters, the price is absolutely value for dollar. It comes in a neat 90gm tin and because it's made with high quality ingredients it will last ages - all at the bargain price of $18!

Improves Bit Acceptance: If your horse has dry cracked lips, a bit might not be too comfortable for them! Applying at the corner of the mouth before every ride can instantly make it more comfortable and prevent further irritation - and don't forget the added peppermint to encourage jaw relaxation!

Palm Oil Free: Many bit butters and lip balms contain palm oil, which is not only harmful to the environment but also to your health.

Nasties Free: You won't find any harmful chemicals or artificial additives in Buzz Butter, well in fact any of the Buzz Balms range. So you can feel confident about what you're putting on your horses lips. 

Sustainability: All Buzz Balms Products are produced without any plastics and the environment in mind. 

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