Led Light Therapy Bell Boot
Led Light Therapy Bell Boot
Led Light Therapy Bell Boot
Led Light Therapy Bell Boot
Led Light Therapy Bell Boot

Led Light Therapy Bell Boot

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Experience the therapeutic effects of the specially designed Led Light Therapy Bell Boot. Suitable for use on equine, canine, and humans.

Each Therapy Bell Boot device utilizes a combination of red 660nm and infrared 850nm LEDs, selected to deliver the optimal wavelengths supported by scientific research over the past three decades. Making it essential for equine rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Benefits of LED therapy
  • Muscle & joint pain relief 
  • Proven accelerated wound healing 
  • Safe on surgery sights and open wounds 
  • Reduce Inflamation 
  • Combat scare tissue 
  • Increase blood flow 
  • Increase hair regrowth and collagen production
  • 15-minute timer allows for easy and efficient use.
  • Quality tested battery. Averaging 7 x 15 minute sessions per charge.
  • Featuring 3 different lights, including 2 levels of red, infrared & Pulse.
  • Built in batteries, no external bulky batteries required.
  • The Led Light Therapy Bell Boot comes equipped with a clear protective layer, making it effortless to clean and ideal for equine use.
  • Attached elastic velcro strap (1m elastic straps sold separately, making it easy use on larger areas.) 
  • PULSE mode for sensitive areas
  • 12 month warranty

Sold as a single and a pair. The choice is yours!

Package includes:
  • 1* LED therapy bell boot with velcro 
  • 1* USB Cable 
  • 1*User Manual 

Longer 1 meter elastic straps available to purchase separately.


660m of red light
Visible red light, at wavelengths from 630 to 700 nm penetrates tissue to a depth of about10 mm. Light at this wavelength is very beneficial in treating problems close to the surface such as wounds, cuts, scars, trigger and acupuncture points, and is particularly effective in treating infections.

850nm of near infrared light
Infrared light (800 to 1000m) penetrates to a depth of about 50mm and deeper which makes it more effective for treating the deeper muscle structures, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and organs.

*Please note that infrared light is invisible to the human eye - so it may appear that the LEDs are off when in fact they are on.

Rating Power   40W
Port Type-C
Mode Pulse and Steady Mode
LED QTY 80 * 0.5W
Battery  1800 mAh
Wavelength  1*66nm ; 2*850nm
Irradiance  0 Inch: 150mW/c m^2
Timer  15 Minutes
Material  Fabric
Application  Dog Cat Horse , ect 



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-Wilson S.

Fortunate to have a professional fitter locally available to measure & fit scoot boots for my large hoofed boy…perfect fit, we both love them!
Definitely recommend contacting Soph if wanting more info about them.

- Amanda K.

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-Tina W.

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-Carly F.

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