Fecal Egg Count Test
Fecal Egg Count Test
Fecal Egg Count Test
Fecal Egg Count Test

Fecal Egg Count Test

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Get precise reaults within 48 hours by delivering your samples to Collective Equine Therapies HQ in Plainland.

✅ Investigate suspected wormer resistance 

✅ Support wormer decision making

✅ Useful health indicator 

❄️ Chilly boxes are available for loan at HQ to make collecting multiple samples effortless.

We utilize the McMaster fecal egg counting protocol to determine the number of eggs per gram. To maintain accuracy and prevent false readings, please keep samples chilled to prevent hatching.
For this reason we do not accept samples in the mail. 

How to collect a sample?

You will need a zip lock bag for each horse & clean gloves.

* Collect 4 grams (golf ball size) of fecal matter off the top of a fresh manure pile. Ensure that the sample you have collected has not been touching the dirt.

* Remove all air from the ziplock and seal.

* Clearly label each bag with the horses name

Don't miss out on bulk order discounts. Contact 0429 706 049 to arrange.


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