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CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL
CET Red Light Pad XL

CET Red Light Pad XL

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Perfect for large areas of the neck, back or limbs
Now with 4 wavelengths of red and near-infrared light
Remote control with intensity setting and timing functions
Using red and infrared LEDs together doubling your results


  • Large red & infrared light wrap that can be fitted around any limb or a large part of the body.
  • Measuring 55cm X 35cm
  • You are able to use red 660nm/630nm and near infrared 850nm/830nm at the same, quadrippling your results.
  • Featuring 210 LEDs purpose built for close contact with the skin, you can adjust the intensity of this band to match with your comfort and different weather conditions.
  • Set your time and intensity preferences with the detachable remote. Time 15-90 mins and intensity/power from 1-5 depending on comfort!
  • Perfect for all Pets & Humans. Due to the compact and easy to use nature of the CET Pad, many customers are using them and saving hundreds on body work! Also sold to therapists to have the added benifit of offering red light therapy to their clients.
  • The latest in LED and lens technology ensure the most effective penetration of beneficial light, while maintaining robust durability.
  • Non flicker Drivers
  • All CET devices are made using flicker free LED drivers making red and infrared light therapy sessions safer and more effective for all users.
  • All CET devices are EMF free at minimum usable distances, meaning you won’t take on any harmful EMFs during your sessions.
  • All CET red and infrared LED light wraps are free from UV light and do not emit any potentially harmful UV rays.
  • Longer LED life. The LEDs used in CET red and infrared LED Band products have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, meaning you won’t have to replace them for many years to come.
  • Able to be simply plugged into the wall or use on the go with the included battery pack.

Additional information


Wearable Red / Infrared Light Band

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year (belt)


LEDs Nylon, Velcro, Metal


Red/ NIR


Band XL

Body Area

Body, abdomen, waist, lower back, neck 



Number of settings



Adjustable, Practical, Portable

Power Source

Power Adapter / 12v Battery Pack


55cm x 35cm

LED Count

210 PCS

Rated wattage

12vLED/ 85-265v Plug in




800g (product) / 1kg (approx. in package)


40mw/cm2 min (adjustable)

Package includes

AU power cords and adapters, user manual (PDF) Band


This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Collective Equine Therapies makes no claims or representations or otherwise warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin or mental conditions from using this product. A qualified health professional should always be consulted prior to using this product with regards to any condition that requires medical attention.

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-Wilson S.

Fortunate to have a professional fitter locally available to measure & fit scoot boots for my large hoofed boy…perfect fit, we both love them!
Definitely recommend contacting Soph if wanting more info about them.

- Amanda K.

Thank you Sophie for helping us find the right fit for our horses boots needs. Amazing service and would definitely recommend.

-Tina W.

Love my Equilibrium pad, can already see a huge difference in my horses. Speedy postage. Thanks

-Carly F.

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